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Try CO2 Cleaning for a Safer Alternative to Sand Blasting

Dry ice blasting cleaning

If you need paint or difficult to clean surface stains removed from a home or equipment, CO2 cleaning is a great alternative to more abrasive and damaging cleaning services like sand blasting. Co2 blasting, or dry ice blasting, uses small crystals of frozen carbon dioxide, or dry ice, instead of sand grains during blasting. They vaporize upon impact, blasting off paint and grime, but not damaging the underlying object or leaving sand lying around afterwards. Blasting of any kind can be better for your health and the environment than using chemicals like paint strippers or degreasers, and Co2 cleaning in particular is less messy to use.

Dry ice blasting companies frequently do all the work themselves, but if you are familiar with blasting techniques and want to save money, it is also possible to do dry ice blasting rental. Environmental cleaning services such as this can be a great alternative to more destructive and messy traditional services. If you live in the central Minnesota area, there are dry ice blasting companies that you can call for equipment rentals or full cleaning services, depending on your personal or professional need.

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