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Moving On the Cheap

Low cost move

When you’ve decided that moving your family and all your belongings from one home to another is too big a job to handle on your own, then you’ll be expecting to spend quite a chunk of money. But with the right planning and help from some honest discount movers, it’s possible to make your low cost move a reality.

The best discount movers will work to save YOU money, because that’s how much they want your business. This can mean a number of things, like figuring out exactly how much truck space you’re going to need, and how many movers will be helping you load and unload your belongings. You might think that it’s cheaper to hire the lesser number of discount movers, for instance assuming that working with two movers at an hourly rate is going to cost you less than working with three movers. But you could be mistaken. A team of three discount movers is usually going to work much faster than a duo, so you may find that your overall cost for a full day of moving is much lower with three people.

Choosing the right discount movers is crucial, so you’ll want to get some estimates from several movers. By the time you’re done with the first bit of screening, you’ll typically want to have three or four companies on your list to call up for an in home estimate. And when an estimator comes around to your home for an appraisal, you’ll want to make sure you’re extremely thorough. Show him everything, all the spaces where you’re storing your belongings, all of your stuff, the way you’re packing everything. This will give them grounds to give you an accurate estimate, and the better the estimates you get from these discount movers the more confident you’ll feel when you choose the one who has offered you the best rates. Helpful sites:

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