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Learn All About Mattress Recycling

What happens to old mattresses? Have you ever considered what mattress recycling entails? This video takes you through the step-by-step process of mattress recycling. The video shows you what parts of a mattress can be recycled and how the mattress is deconstructed for recycling.

Most people are unaware that recycling mattresses is possible. Additionally, most people that do know you can recycle a mattress do not know which parts of the mattress can be recycled.

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Not every part of the mattress makes it to the recycling center. Some parts have to be thrown away.

This fascinating video shows the viewer what it takes to make sure we are not filling up the landfill with old mattresses. A recycling company will take your mattress, break it down into the parts that can be recycled, and discard the rest. This is an important job that helps the environment and that most people are completely unaware of. Everything that can be recycled should be. Everyone doing their part can have a positive impact. This video will show you how it can be done.

Watch this video to see this amazing process that most people are not aware of to learn more about mattress recycling.


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