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Know How and Where to Put Your Tile

Kitchen backsplash

There are a lot of different surfaces in the home and it can be hard to know just what to put on them and what they should be made out of. You want an aesthetic and construction that’s safe but it’s also wholly and absolutely you. You want to express yourself but you need to do it in the way that really makes and clicks with the rest of your home. This is where tile comes in. Tile is a versatile and smooth substance that can cover so many different parts of a home and, more than that, it can improve almost every place you lay it down. From pool mosaic designs to stone tile mosaics, there are just so many places in the home that you can lay tile. Walls. Corners. Floors. What follows is a short list of places you can lay tile in your home and what you can expect when you do.

    Knowing the Ins and Outs of Your Kitchen
    Of course, one of the most obvious places you can lay tile is in your kitchen. But, in all honesty, the kitchen is such a versatile place to begin with and there are so many surfaces to cover. Fortunately, tile has you covered for (almost) all of them. Each surface is a bevy of ideas in itself, from tile countertop ideas to glass tile ideas and so much more. Yes, the countertop is probably the ideal place to start when it comes to laying tile. There are probably more tile countertop ideas than any other place in the kitchen. The explanations for this fact are numerous but first you might ask why the countertops in your kitchen need tile? Isn’t there any other substance you can use that might work better? The answer to that question is not really. Not at all. First of all, tile is probably the easiest to clean out of all surfaces. The grout can be a little bit of pain but tile is smooth, accessible and flat. There are no crevices or places that are hard to reach. Tile also works for the floor as well but the countertops are where the majority of the chopping, cooking, slicing, cutting and cleaning take place. You don’t want the wrong kind of tile for this, either. There are specific countertop tiles for all tile countertop ideas, just as there is a specific kind of shower floor tile and glass wall tile. Be sure to pick out the right one and know what colors go with which! Your guests will appreciate all the time and effort.
    As with all the tile countertop ideas, bathroom tile ideas can run deep and wild. The function of bathroom tile is typically to be more utilitarian than artistic but it doesn’t have to be this way. You can be just as artistic in the bathroom space as you could by a kitchen or a pool. If you have small children, maybe considering going for an animal motif that runs through the tile. A turtle pool mosaic works for the pool but it can also be used in the bathroom. Only then it’ll be a turtle bath time mosaic instead! It can go on the floor or even the walls, depending on the type of bathroom that you have. The type of tile that goes into the bathroom also has stronger grout as well so it can resist the humidity. You’ll want to keep this in mind when repairing your bathroom or designing your bathroom as well.
    Outside Areas are Key
    The last area, much too large for us to get into here in detail, are outside areas like pools, decks, patios. The options for these are numerous and it really depends on the geography of where you live. Whether you live in the forest, near the ocean or the desert will impact what color and type of tile goes best with your home. Be sensible when picking one out. Know your home and your home will know and respect you for years to come.

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