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Hidden Ways to Source Landscape Materials For Cheap

If you require advice on acquiring cheap landscaping materials, Youtuber Cerriscapades in this video presents ways to find them.

Materials such as rocks, tree stumps, or even plastic pots can be acquired for free! Simply lookout for local events such as garage sales, people undergoing home renovations, or even browse online for buy and sell websites/groups to see if people want certain materials taken off their hands.

If you can’t avoid spending money on your landscaping project, buying in bulk from landscaping suppliers can get you the most value for your dollars.

As a bonus, this video also presents Youtuber Kai Andrew, an enthusiastic traveler with loads of cheap home-building tips under his belt.

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He advises traveling around your local neighborhood for cheap or free lumber at active construction sites, industrial areas, and hardware stores. Stores and industrial areas may have wooden pallets and other scraps you can take home for little to no cost. At construction sites, wait till the end of the crews’ workday to ask if they have any free materials you can take home with you.

Landscaping and homebuilding may be hard work, but it doesn’t have to be expensive.

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