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Here are 3 Ways You Can Have Your Home’s Foundation Repaired

One can make the argument that every element of your house is important, but there is one part that is probably more important than the others, and that is the foundation. Many homes are built on something known as a foundation slab. A slab foundation is a large, thick slab of concrete that is typically 4″-6″ thick in the center and poured directly on the ground all at one time. The edges of the slab are thicker in order to allow for extra strength around the perimeter. If the foundation becomes damaged, it can threaten the structural integrity of the entire house. Fortunately, there are many ways to get the foundation repaired, and this article will take a look at a few of them.

  • Seal Cracks in the Foundation: One of the minor ways to keep the foundation repaired is to have cracks in the foundation professionally sealed. It’s not uncommon for foundation slabs to develop minor cracks over time as the ground shifts under and around it. If the foundation is otherwise stable, these cracks can be repaired by having them sealed until the foundation is whole once again. It should be noted that this fix will not work if the foundation is shown to be unstable, as the cracks will continue to grow over time.
  • Use Slab Lifting: Another way to keep the foundation repaired is to use a process known as slab lifting. Also known as slab jacking, this is a process that physically raises up a portion of the foundation until it is completely level again. Slab lifting works best when part of the foundation has sunk over time. Once this fallen part is raised back up, the ground underneath is reinforced so that the slab foundation will remain intact.
  • Make Use of Chemical Grouting: And finally, a third way to keep the foundation repaired is to make use of something known as chemical grouting. This is a product that fills in voids in the ground, making the area more stable. This is particularly useful in a place like Florida, which is well known for having a soil profile full of lime rock that can unexpectedly develop sink holes. Chemical grouting can fill in voids and help prevent the foundation from unexpectedly breaking down.

In conclusion, there are several ways you can have your home’s foundation repaired. These ways include sealing cracks in the foundation slab, using slab lifting to raise up sunken portions of the foundation, and making use of chemical grouting if necessary. These are just a few of the ways to keep your home’s foundation repaired.

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