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Different Types of Commercial Window Tint

LCD window tint isn’t just for vehicles. They also use adjustable widow tint for businesses to protect the businessmen and women’s privacy. With automatic window tinting technology advancing every day, at such a rapid pace, it isn’t any wonder that they even have digital window tint for vehicles and businesses for the privacy of the occupants inside. There are a few different types of window tint for businesses. Keep reading to learn about the different types of commercial window tint and the benefits of them.

Decorative Window Tint

Not only do many parents use dimmable window tint and dimmable electric glass and decorative window tint in their children’s bathroom, but this type of window tint is also used in certain businesses when they are trying to promote different products or services. With decorative window tint for businesses, they use them to dress up an otherwise boring window to showcase a product. They come in three different patterns as well including geometric designs, leaves, and floral designs.

Frosted Window Tint

Many businesses use frosting window tint in their bathrooms, offices, and other places where they need their privacy. The reason for this is because even when you turn the light on, you can’t see clear enough through the frosted tint.

Solar Window TintOne reason businesses use solar window tint is to allow the natural sunlight inside. By using solar window tint on their businesses widows, they are letting the natural light in without sacrificing productivity or comfort. What else is so great about the solar window tint is that is less expensive than regular glass windows. This type of window tint won’t make the rooms darker and won’t hide the views of the building.

Anti-Gravity Window Tint

The anti-gravity window tint is placed on businesses windows to prevent anyone from leaving graffiti on the windows of that business. This type of window tint was created just for the types of businesses that may be in danger of having graffiti put on their windows. The reason it works so well is that it is easy to clean the paint from the glass. All you do is remove the LCD window tint from the glass to be able to remove the paint from it.

Safety Window Tint

Also known as safety and security window tint, this type of LCD window tint is used to prevent the glass from being broken in case of a robbery. Many businesses that are afraid they will be broken into and robbed use this electronic window tint to prevent it from happening. Not only does it give the business people peace of mind but it can also increase their property value.

Did you know, when using any type of window tint on your home, vehicle, or business, it can block at least 79 percent of the heat from the sun? Because of this benefit, it can cut down on energy costs and keep your home, vehicle, or business a lot cooler for a lot less money.

Everyone loves the natural light the sun provides. When using any type of window tint on your home or business, you can cut out the glare by over 50 percent. It also allows for 30 to 80 percent more of the natural light to get through.

The best reason for window tinting a home or business is to save up to 40 percent on your utility bill.

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