A Look At the Importance Of Preventing Water Damage

Written by Master Builder on . Posted in Metal roof repair coating, Product application, Roof coating

Preventing against water damage is something that’s hugely important here in the United States, as water damage is unfortunately far too commonplace in homes all throughout the country. In fact, if your home has a basement (as many homes in certain parts of the country, such as the Midwest, do) there is an up to 98% chance that you and your family will experience water damage at some point in your time living in that home. Crawl spaces, also common (with up to 27 million of them spread throughout the country), are also likely to experience water damage, especially since they are often small and damp to begin with.
But there are so many parts of your home that can lead to this water damage, not just the basement or crawl spaces themselves. For instance, a leaky roof is far too common and can be seen in many a home in this country. And while a roof that has a small leak likely doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, it can lead to extensive damage to the structure of your home if it i