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Baby on the go? Baby proof your home!

Handyman nyc

There is an entirely new world of products and services that you need once your baby begins his or her first steps. Baby proofing in 2013 involves a lot more than gated stairways and child proofed cabinets. In fact, there are hidden dangers lurking in every corner of your home; some dangers so seemingly innocuous even the most diligent eye could overlook them. The first step to baby proofing is to assess what needs to be done, and then decide when you should talk to the experts like a handyman nyc.

The average baby starts crawling at eight months of age, which means you should assess your homes level of baby preparedness sooner rather than later. Before contacting a handyman nyc or professional baby proofer, you can find a thorough checklist on many different websites that cover most potential dangers that you could unintentionally overlook. These checklists can be pretty comprehensive and include checking the hot water temperature on your faucets or measuring the length of the cords on your bedroom blinds. Once the dangers are identified and assessed, if any of your adjustments are not an easy fix (meaning you can not buy a simple gadget at your local baby supply store), hire a handyman nyc, long island handyman, or long island home improvement expert to fine tune your baby proofing measures. Again, a handyman nyc or baby proofer long island may be your best bet for adjustments that require a hammer, nails, and a bit of brawn.

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