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Are You Looking to Update the Look and Feel of Your Home?

Wall curio cabinets

According to Bloomberg, home remodeling is making a comeback as the economy continues to improve. After all, with a better economic outlook people are feeling as though they can afford to live again. However, even with the improvement of world finances, Americans are looking for a way to save on their home remodeling and renovation. Consider, U.S. citizens spent approximately $113.6 billion, according to CEPro, on home improvements, upgrades, and complete renovations in 2012. If you are looking for cost effective ways to upgrade your living room, kitchen, and bedroom, follow these four simple tips.

  • Home is Where the Food Is
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    According to a recent article by the New York Times, 78% of American households cook at home five or more nights of the week. Breaking bread has always been a way of bringing people together. Why should it be any different in your home?

    House Beautiful has a plethora of exciting ways to bring life back into your kitchen. Updating your gas cooktops, installing beautiful new kitchen ovens, and using everyday flatware with a bit of pizzazz are all great ideas. Potting fresh herbs is also a great way to bring some life and freshness to your cooking space. Be sure not to neglect your kitchen and dining room lighting.Provide yourself with enough light to see, but be sure not to give up the comfort that warm lighting schemes offer.

  • Improve the Comfort of Your Living Room
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    Americans love to spend their money on entertainment. Going to ball games, movies, and concerts are among our favorite pastimes. In fact, we spend an average of $2,827 annually, according to Visual Economics, on the cinema and other forms of entertainment. Why not save some of that money by enjoying entertainment from your living room? You can bring new life into your den with home theater decor and furniture. For instance, installing wall curio cabinets is a great way to display movie memorabilia and family pictures. Doing so will give your living room a comfy, relaxing feel.

  • Use Inexpensive Fixes for Your Bedroom
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    Your bedroom should be the most comfortable space in your home. After all, that is where you go to escape the trials of your day. Good Housekeeping writes that keeping your bedroom as a respite does not have to cost a ton. For example, installing wall curio cabinets can help you to declutter your room while displaying your favorite knick-knacks in an attractive way.

  • Look for Selection, Savings for Your Furniture
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    A big factor in saving money on wall curio cabinets, home theater furniture, and the best oven brands is who you buy from. Searching out a shopping cart-style company online, for instance, is one great way to find huge variety and savings. Be sure to shop around to find the best prices on the highest quality goods.

Whether you are looking to update your kitchen, your den or living room, or the sanctuary that is your bedroom, using these four tips can help you do so easily while saving cash. What are you waiting for? Update your home on the cheap today!

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