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All The Facts On Landscape Design and Construction

Are you fortunate enough to own a mountain home and looking to transform your property’s outdoor space? Mountain homes offer unique landscapes and opportunities for stunning outdoor design. Finding a local landscaping service that specializes in mountain landscaping can be a great way to get started.

Mountain landscaping ideas should take into account the natural beauty of the area. Incorporate elements like native plants, rock formations, and natural pathways. These ideas can help your mountain home’s outdoor space harmonize with its surroundings while enhancing its charm and character.

Consider setting up a free landscape consultation with a local landscaping service that has experience in mountain home landscaping. During this consultation, you can share your vision and get professional insights on how to bring your ideas to life.

Mountain landscaping can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It can include elements like terraced gardens, retaining walls, and creative use of hardscapes to make the most of your sloped terrain. Don’t forget to incorporate outdoor living spaces, such as decks or patios into your landscaping ideas for mountain homes.

In summary, mountain landscaping ideas for your mountain home should embrace the beauty of the natural environment while enhancing your property’s appeal. To bring your vision to life, engage a local landscaping service that understands the unique challenges and opportunities of mountain home landscaping.


Landscaping service

Every single year homeowners across the country decide to get involved in a home renovations project. These projects can deal with the kitchen area, the bathroom, and even the bedroom. However, a very popular renovation project is now the landscape design and construction project.

People will decide to invest ina landscape design and construction project for plenty of different and unique reasons. Sometimes people will decide to engage in a landscaping project because they want to help boost the value of their home before selling it. Other times, however, people will engage in a landscaping project because they want to change their outside landscape to enjoy a new pool or a new patio.

Real estate agents and experts believe that using a landscaping service can help increase the resale value of a home by 14%. These same people also believe that there is great value in the concept of investing in a landscape design project before putting a home out on the market.

According to a recent survey by Harris Poll for the National Association of Landscape Professionals, 67% of Americans agree that professional landscaping would allow them to have a nicer yard. Out of these people, a majority of homeowners believe that they should address their backyard when upgrading. This can include implementing and installing a new patio or even putting in a new pool!

Just about half of all homeowners that are planning on upgrading their outdoor spaces are going to spend six or more hours there each week. Their activities in their yard can include relacing, gardening, and entertain as well. Furthermore, understand that just about 83% of all people believe that having a yard is important and 90% of these people believe it is just as important to make sure it is well-maintained.

Patios are among the top three features requested by new homebuyers when it comes to landscape design and construction. People love to get new patios and they love to have an area where they can bring over friends for a fun cookout and enjoy the outside scenery.

The 2016 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey revealed some interesting results. This survey revealed that the top three most popular outdoor design elements included firepits and fireplaces at 75%, lighting at 66%, and wireless internet connectivity at 65%. This survey also revealed that the top three most popular outdoor structures include pergolas at 50%, decks at 47%, and arbors at 44%.

In Conclusion

There is no question that there is value in investing money in a landscape design and construction project whether it is done for resale value or for your own personal enjoyment. You can wow your guests and impress them when you bring them over to see your newly renovated landscape and your nice layout. That brand new patio you put into your backyard could be a great hangout spot and can be complemented by a brand new pool as well!


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