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4 Essential Pieces of Equipment Every Auto Detailer Needs

Compressed air piping layout

There are many successful auto detailing businesses throughout the United States. However, it’s important to ensure that you utilize certain tools in order to give every customer’s vehicle a thorough cleaning. Considering that, providing every customer with a thoroughly cleaned automobile is sure to have your business growing rather quickly. Here are four tools that every auto detail shop should have.

  1. Air Compressors

    Statistics show that nearly 70% of manufacturers use some sort of compressed air system. Air compressors utilize energy and convert it to powerful bursts of air that make blasting out dust from hard to reach areas much easier than normal. It’s important that you ensure your air compressor tubes are in optimal shape. With that in mind, leaks in a compressed air system can cost over $1,200 in wasted energy costs. It’s important to choose a compressed air system design that is well made. Statistics from the United States Department of Energy found that over half of all air compressor systems within small to medium sized facilities have some form of energy conservation opportunities.
  2. Rolling Chairs

    Detailing a vehicle often means needing to constantly move around all areas of a car. You’ll find it beneficial to consider purchasing a rolling chair. A rolling chair is simply a chair that has wheels on the bottom to let someone move easily throughout a garage. Not only that, the comfort of a rolling chair helps to ensure that you aren’t bending down at odd angles while cleaning an automobile.
  3. Plastic Blades

    Anyone detailing an automobile knows that stickers can sometimes be hard to remove. With that in mind, certain people will use a razor blade to remove stickers from windows and paint. However, these blades are extremely sharp which can cause scratches in windows and chips in the paint of an automobile. Instead, you can pick up plastic razor blades that are able to remove old stickers in a much safer manner than a metal razor blade.
  4. Portable Lighting

    One of the biggest challenges faced when detailing an automobile is finding the right kind of lighting. You don’t want to pull a vehicle out of the garage area to find many missed spots that remain unclean. Therefore, it makes sense to utilize portable lights that make cleaning a vehicle much easier, especially while the vehicle is inside of a garage.

To summarize, there are several tools that every successful auto detailing business needs. An air compressor is essential for blasting dust and debris out of hard to reach areas. It’s important to ensure you’re utilizing quality compressed air piping materials. Rolling chairs make it much easier for you to move around a vehicle, especially when cleaning wheels and tires. Plastic blades are a great alternative to metal razor blades that can sometimes remove paint and scratch glass. Lastly, you’ll want to have portable lighting that moves with you to ensure every automobile is thoroughly cleaned.

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