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3 Top Reasons Metal Roofing is The Best Option

Do you have a construction project in progress? Are thinking of installing an energy efficient metal roof? Well, there are many reasons why you should actually invest in the best metal roofing. First, metal roofs are long lasting and more attractive than most other roofing materials. If you are fortunate to get a curved corrugated metal roofing material, you can sit and watch your home transform into a paradise.

The best part is that corrugated roof sheeting prices are quite affordable for homeowners who want to install it in their homes. Even the cheapest standing seam metal roofing material can still serve its purpose. However, before investing in a metal roof, you may have a few questions that need clarification. For instance, can you put a metal roof over existing shingles or tiles? Will it be too heavy for your house? How much does a metal roof cost? A reputable roofing contractor in your area will be happy to answer these questions and many more. With the right metal roofing materials, you can enjoy the benefits of having a beautiful metal roof without breaking the bank.

There’s no doubt that considering roof installation can be a daunting task to homeowners. Thankfully, with some legitimate facts, it’s easier to choose the right type of roof that is going to provide your family the ultimate protection. There are several advantages of metal roofing that make it the best roofing option. Metal shingle roofing typically costs 40% less than other major competitors.

Built to Last
Metal roofing is made to last a lifetime, unlike asphalt roofing that only lasts for around 10 to 20 years. By choosing your roofing installation to be completed by Paramount Roofing and Siding, the roof will be inspected every five years to ensure nothing needs fixing. Additionally, if you need the company to check on anything before five years, they will go immediately.

Save Money
Some states, such as Texas will lower your homeowner’s insurance cost by up to 35% just by switching to metal roofing. Having a cool metal roof can save you on energy costs by 25%, compared to having dark asphalt shingles. Not to mention, you will save money because if taken care of appropriately, you will be able to keep this metal roofing for a lifetime. In 10 years, you won’t have to scramble up cash to pay for a new roof.

Strong for Weather Conditions
One of the top reasons that homeowners have to replace their roof is due to harsh weather impacts, according to a consumer survey. As stated by FEMA’s snow load safety precaution, the weight of fresh snow should range from three pounds per square foot for light snow to 21 per square foot for heavier, wet snow. Thankfully, newer roofs, such as metal roofing is built to withstand between 15 to 30 pounds of snow per square foot. However, it’s critical to ensure the roofing company you choose performs quality roof installation to ensure those measurements add up.

Call Paramount Roofing and Siding today to find out exactly what you can do to have the metal roof of your dreams installed. Proper roof installation is critical to ensure you won’t be shelling out more money in the future.

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