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3 Things to look for in a moving comany

Moving companies norfolk

It is now quite common for moving companies today to scam their customers. Many will offer very low estimates just so they can get the contract. Eventually however so that they will be able to earn from the move, they will charge the client additional fees after the move. They will call the customers and tell them that there are additional charges that were not included in the estimate. And unless the customer pays these charges, they cannot deliver the belongings. Many on the other hand will arrive to pick up the belongings but will ask for the additional fees. If the customer has no choice but to vacate the place he has no choice but to pay the additional. All these can be avoided however if the customer knows how to find and hire a professional moving company. If you are looking for a moving company, here are three things to look for in moving companies Chesapeake or moving companies Norfolk. These will allow you to hire professional movers Chesapeake or movers norfolk.

The first thing to look for in moving companies Chesapeake is whether they have the license for the type of move that you require and if they have sufficient insurance coverage. This is very important because you do not want to hire a fly by night moving company. The insurance is for your protection. As such, you want a company that actually is insured and at the same time you want a company that can offer you insurance for your belongings. What you have to remember about insurance is basically they are based on the weight of the item, not on their actual value. So for example, if you have a very valuable item that is really not that heavy, if you get the insurance from the moving company, you may actually under insure the item. In case it got lost or broken, you will only get the amount that is equivalent to the weight of the item, not its actual value. So again, make sure that the moving companies Chesapeake are registered and license.

Second, before you ask the moving company to give you an estimate, check out its ratings. Since there are many moving companies chesapeake, you want to hire a moving company that has good ratings. So go to the Better Business Bureau site and see the ratings of the company. You will also see from the sites if there are complaints against the moving companies Chesapeake. Then go to the other independent review sites. Here you will see the reviews on the moving companies Chesapeake.

Third, look for a moving company that will do the move and will not sell the contact to another mover or will subcontract the move to another moving company. Make sure that the moving company will do the job itself. Ask them about this. And ask them to show them to you in writing or in the agreement. Learn more at this link:

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