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In many homes all throughout the country, pest control services have become more important and more necessary than ever before. Fortunately, such services are more accessible now than ever, at least in part in direct response to this growing demand. After all, the demand is truly a high one, and not one to be overlooked.
For there are certainly a good deal of pests out there that must be dealt with. In many ways, this is that the hear of the matter. Consider, for instance, the flea, a common pest dealt with by many an exterminator all throughout the country. Exterminators know that fleas spread with astounding ease, at least in part due to the fact that they can jump up to 200 times their own body, making them by and large one of the best jumpers in the entirety of the animal kingdom. These means that fleas, jumping as many as 13 feet in one go, can easily be transferred from animal to animal or even from animal to human and back again.
Fortunately, fleas can be prevented quite thoroughly even before exterminators become involved. For all pet owners, particularly of animals that go outside, flea prevention kits can easily be purchased – and should likely always be used. Fortunately, such kits and medications can be found at your local grocery store or, of course, through your pet’s veterinarian. Typically, they are only topical medications but will help to prevent your pet from contracting fleas all throughout the year. Taking such a small step is really something that can pay off with quite immense rewards indeed.
But fleas, as pest exterminators will be all too aware of, are certainly far from the only type of pest that people all throughout the country are dealing with. In fact, the very opposite is true. Termites present just yet another example and while termites are not harmful to human bodies, they can certainly destroy our home and places of residence, leading to immense amount of money needed to pay off damages and sometimes even making these homes unsafe and unfit to live in until extensive repair work is conducted.
And termites are certainly quite a bit more commonplace than many people realize, with most pest exterminators and exterminators working through pest removal services dealing with such insects on a relatively regular basis (though this certainly might vary depending on what part of the country it is that they might live in). In fact, up to one fifth of all home owners in this country alone feel that termites present the biggest risk to their home, at least in terms of pests and bugs. After all, the amount of damage that termites alone cause to various structures all throughout the United States actually ends up amounting to more than $5 billion with each and every year that passes us by.
Bed bugs pose another threat, as they too are easily transmitted. You can pick up bed bugs by staying in a hotel or even just another home where they can be found. They climb into your clothing and other such belongings and infiltrate your own home in this way. There have even been some cases of picking up bed bugs while on a train or other such mode of public transportation seeing high volumes of people on a daily basis. Bed bugs can be difficult to get rid of, and so it is hugely important to call professional exterminators when such a thing is needed.
After all, professional exterminators are likely to see a great deal of bed bugs over the course of their career. Nowadays, there are even specialty bed bug exterminator services out there and ready to be taken advantage of, should the need ever arise. In fact, the data more than backs this up, showing that up to 95% of all exterminators working within the United States have conducted a bed bug extermination process at least once, if not even more frequently. Hiring a professional service can often, at least in the case of bed bugs, which are known for their resilience and ability to keep coming back, be simply unavoidable – and well worth the cost as a direct result.

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