Are You Worried About the Air Quality in Your Home?

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There are many gifts that parents can plan to give their children this holiday season, but few are as important as healthy air to breathe. Although kids may be the most excited about the latest toys that are on the market, the fact of the matter is that it is important to make sure that you are also offering your family the healthiest ait to breathe.
You do not always think about the need to improve indoor quality, but when you are in certain places it is difficult to ignore. You know, for instance, that at your home you have the ducts cleaned once a year and that you change the air filters on the HVAC system once a month. When you step into your mother’s home, however, you feel as if you can almost smell the mold and mildew.
The need to Improve indoor quality is important for the health and well being of all Americans, but it is especi