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Considering Electricity In Your Home

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Electricity is an absolute must for living life in the way that we have become accustomed to living it. As a matter of fact, electricity is simply crucial and critical for many people all throughout the country, if not all of us. After all, electricity lets us do so much. It lets us read late into the evening. It lets us charge our phones – and use them. It gives up laptop computers and desktop ones alike. It lets us watch TV.
And there is no denying the lifesaving impact of electricity as well. After all, AED defibrillators, which are now considered to be a crucial lifesaving measure in many cases, would not be an option if not for electricity. The same can be said for many other medical aspects of technology, from surgical tools to basic accommodations. Without electricity, the world would look a very different – and more dangerous and far less comfortable – place indeed for many an ill or even disabled person living in the United States.
Therefore, it is clear to see that

Has Your Home Suffered Spring Storm Hail Damage?

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This spring’s storm seems like a repeat performance.
Just like two years ago, on the night of the storm you went to bed without realizing that there was any threat of significant weather. When the cell phones of all four of you sounded with the warning for a local flood warning, you all shot out of bed. Not even two minutes later, however, there was a more immediate concern. Bigger than golf ball size hail was belting the house, the yard, the trees, and your older daughter’s car. Had you known that hail was a threat, you could have at least moved her car under the neighbor’s tree. That tree would have provided at least some protection.
The $7100 in damage to the car is the only basic difference between the two hail storms that hit your home almost exactly 24 months apart. Your older daughter was away at college when the earlier hail storm hit, so her car was not damaged. The house, however, took the brunt of both storms. The roof, the windows, the gutters. All of them were seve