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6 Weird Things Found in the Trash By Waste Management Service People

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Waste management services personnel have a pretty boring and sometimes gross job. After all the average person can generate up to four pounds of trash each and every day and 600 times their weight in a lifetime, and garbage pick up personnel are responsible for picking it up. Alongside your trash on the curb, you can only imagine that there are some other somewhat weird things which make their way onto the curb to be picked up. Read below to see some of the weirder things collected on daily routes of garbage collection.
Bag of What?
One garbage pickup man was going along his normal daily route and grabbing garbage and throwing it on the truck. He comes to a load of bags and grabs them, tosses them in and continues on his way. In the midst of collecting garbage, he hears a soft crying noise that startles him. He investigates and finds a bag with 5 small puppies in the bag. Yes he saved them and called the cops so that the dogs could be taken to a pet rescue