Contact a Roofing Company to Schedule an Inspection

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Many homeowners admit that they don’t inspect their roofs as often as needed. A recent survey found that 23% of homeowners admitted to waiting until there was an actual problem to do so. In some cases, this delay may require extensive repairs or a new roof.

What Can Cause Residential and Commercial Roof Damage

Both residential and commercial roof damage is common in areas where there is inclement weather. There are other factors that tend to contribute to the need for repairs and/or replacements, such as poor maintenance. When debris isn’t cleared away from gutters, it can cause drainage pipes to back up. Standing water may also cause serious damage and lead to leaks.

How to Prolong a Roof’s Lifespan

Homes with shingle roofs will have a longer lifespan when they’re cleaned on a regular basis. Experts report that a shingle roof’s lifespan can last 20 to 25 years when well-maintained. Shingle roofs may last even longer when they receive regular upkeep.