3 Tips to Follow While Preparing for a Radon Test

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If you’re wondering about the levels of radon in your home, you’re not alone. There are serious dangers associated with continuous exposure to radon. In fact, statistics show that about 6% of homes throughout the United States have homes that are either at or above the EPA’s action level. It’s important to know that homes with high levels of radon are extremely dangerous. Considering that, it’s important to have radon testing conducted within your home. With that in mind, here are three tips to follow while preparing for a radon test.

  1. Leave Windows and Doors Shut Before Testing
    While many learn the importance of keeping home openings closed before a radon test, there are misconceptions. One of the biggest misconceptions is how long to keep windows and doors shut. Experts recommend that you leave these openings shut for at least 24 hours be

The Second Leading Cause Of Lung Cancer In The United States Could Be In Your Own Home

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Radon abatement service

Air pollution is an important issue starting to see more awareness over the years. Contaminants from everyday pesticides, exhaust from cars and excess dust are all contributors to reduced air quality for American adults and children. When reduced air quality is present in your own home, however? The lack of security within your own walls can be startling. This is the unfortunate truth of radon gas exposure, an odorless and colorless chemical that has been found in millions of homes across the country.

What Is Radon Gas?

Before you look into local radon testing, it’s important to know more about the chemical that could be putting you and your family in d