A Few Reasons You Should be Using Crane Pads

Written by Master Builder on . Posted in Alturnamats ground protection mats, Crane mats, Outrigger crane pads

Crane pad
No matter what kind of construction project is being done, if there are cranes then crane pads are a necessity. As with any type of construction equipment, proper safety measures need to be taken to ensure no unnecessary harm comes to the job site or the people working there.
Whether it’s a small crane or one that’s building a bridge, crane pads are essential for several reasons. Here’s why they should always be used for construction projects involving cranes.
Equipment Damage
Believe it or not, operating on bare soil can damage construction equipment, cranes especially. While it’s imperative that the ground is level and compacted, it’s hard to maintain a completely flat or stable surface. This is one of the biggest reasons that crane outrigger pads and ground mats are used.