How to Tell if You Need to Make a Call for Emergency Air Repair

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emergency air repairIf there’s one thing you need to know about your HVAC system, it’s when there’s an emergency situation. This is especially important to keep in mind during the summer months, which require near constant air conditioning use.

Unfortunately, not many people are able to determine whether their air conditioning needs actually constitute an emergency or not. But rest assured, we’re here to help you do just that. To make sure you’re interpreting your air conditioning unit’s cries for help correctly, here are a few telltale signs that you need emergency air repair.

Screeching Noises
You’re probably familiar with the noises your air conditioner makes, especially when it’s working hard to cool down your home. But despite the fact that you’re one of two-thirds of homes in the U.S. using air conditioning, what you might not be aware of is that any screeching noise could indicate a serious issue. When a compressor is operating at dangerously high pressures, it could mean the end of your HVAC system. In this situation, you should immediately shut off your system and call for emergency air repair.

Burning Smells
When in doubt, trust your senses. In fact, they could be the best indicator of what’s wrong! If there’s nothing cooking in the kitchen and you smell burning, it could indicate an electrical issue with your AC. And anything that’s burning inside of your AC unit is something that needs to be taken care of immediately, for fear of a house fire. As with the screeching noises, a burning smell should prompt you to immediately turn off your unit and call for emergency AC repair.

No Air
Seeing as the purpose of your air conditioner is to provide cool air throughout your home, a lack of air coming from it is a pretty serious warning sign. In the event that this happens, you could be facing multiple issues, which means a licensed AC technician should be contacted immediately.

Solving problems with your AC might not be your job, but detecting them absolutely is. Make sure you’re listening to what your AC is trying to tell you!

Several Steps for Finding Reliable Arlington Plumbing Services

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Heating and air conditioning repair
Did you know that in 1760, King George the second died from falling off a toilet? Indoor plumbing dates back to at least 2,500 BCA. Americans call the toilet the John owing to the inventor of the flushing toilet, Sir John Harington. Plumbing has come a long way since all of these things, but plumbing problems still pop up in even the most well maintained of homes. What steps can you take when you need to find reliable and knowledgeable Arlington plumbing service? First, get a list of potential plumbers. To get this list, talk to your friends and family about what Arlington plumbing services they have used. Ask them who they would recommend, as well as which companies were unreliable or too expensive. Also look up reviews online, since these can often be a good indication of what type of service the average customer experiences. Two, use someone who has been a part of the community for a while, if you can. Someone who has been established in one place can not only give you references to past Arlington plumbing jobs they have done, but they also have an incentive in keeping you happy, since you can refer them back to your own friends and family if their plumbing has issues. Three, remember that there are two basic types of plumber service. One is installation plumbing, and there are the plumbers who work on new homes and buildings and install entire systems. The other are plumbers who fix issues and repair or install minor parts rather than entire water systems. Four, get estimates from all the plumbers you are considering. If they can not do an in house estimate, ask the Fairfax plumbing company if they can give you an estimate over the phone based on your description of the problem. Fifth, trust your gut! if there is something that seems off to you about your plumbing Springfield company, do not be afraid to say never mind and hire someone else. Good luck finding a responsible Arlington plumbing company!