Making Floorboards from Bamboo or Eucalyptus

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Flooring is an essential industry and always has been. After all, any building needs a surface where people can stand and walk and where furniture may be placed. Today’s American flooring industry is a robust one and may even see some further growth in the near future. If floors are not made from sheer concrete such as in basement, then they are made from wooden planks. Most typically, American houses and some public buildings make use of hardwood planks from native hardwoods such as oak and cherry. However, these hardwoods are not very sustainable, and many Americans are concerned about the great pressure this industry puts on hardwood forests on the North American continent. Hardwood trees take some 20 years to mature and the entire tree is lost when logged. As an alternative, flooring made from eucalyptus is being introduced to the market, along with bamboo flooring manufacturers. Why might natural bamboo flooring or flooring made from eucalyptus be used today? Such flooring made fr

How Old Is the Flooring in Your Kitchen?

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You spent hours getting the house ready. You cleaned every corner, washed every window, and even spent money to get the carpets cleaned. The only thing anyone really noticed, however, was the new flooring in the kitchen. While you spent your time trying to make the most of the spaces that you already had, but when your husband found that your family would be hosting all of siblings and his mother for Christmas he started on a major project. With just five weeks to complete it, he made the decision to tear up the old wood flooring and install a snap together bamboo flooring product that he had been considering.
The results were amazing and now he wants to tackle the space in the basement that needs new flooring as well. In all honesty, over the last five weeks the two of you spent about the same amount of time working to get the house ready for the holiday company, but his project definitely made a bigger impression.
Updating the Flooring in Your Home Gives Your Entire Space