The Many Benefits of Bamboo Flooring Including Quality and Price

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With the trend for hardwood flooring today, there is much to consider in finding the most affordable options. Considering the strength and durability of bamboo, along with its length of life, it is the more cost-effective selection.

Prices for Bamboo Flooring

Considering the high value of the flooring industry, having grown almost four percent in just one year. There is much availability of bamboo in the flooring industry, helping to lower the prices. Then, the prices for bamboo flooring are also able to remain affordable in relation to the length of time it will last, considering the fact that it is about three times harder than oak flooring.

Additional Benefits of Bamboo Flooring

In addition to the availability and durability of bamboo flooring, is the incredible growth rate over other types of wood. Sometimes this is as much as three to five feet per year more. Bamboo trees can be healthily irrigated and maintained in order to produce enough strong floor