5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Soil for Your Potted Plants

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Landscaping improves the visual appeal of your outdoors and indoors. Proper tending of your landscape also increases the resale value of your property by an estimated 14%. Potted plants are an integral part of landscaping. The potting of plants allows you to introduce plant life in both indoor and outdoor spaces where there is no media or soil for their anchorage.

Plant potting soil may contain little to no natural topsoil. You can make the media by mixing various organic and inorganic ingredients. The used parts include moss, coconut husks, coir, vermiculite, bark, and sphagnum, among others. When buying potting soil, you should consider the factors that determine the quality of the soil. Here is a brief exploration of these characteristics and their importance.

1. Drainage and water holding capacity

Perfect soil for potted plants should have

What Types of Fill Dirt Should You Be Using?

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Although the plague of winter is still in full effect springtime is a top priority. In fact, many garden and landscape professionals will tell you winter is the best time to plan. Most of the DIY projects in the spring will be easier to accomplish, as well. Healthy grass is a major issue many people face each season. From the type of grass, they are planning to grow to the weed protection. Most of your work will consist of finding the right soil. So what types of fill dirt should you be using?

First and Foremost

What is fill dirt? Well in most cases, it is, as its name implies, dirt you use to fill up a hole or depression. Usually, it is an organic material with minerals that help keep your plants healthy. Topsoil is the most common fill dirt. Usually, it is the first thing you see when you enter a garden center. Topsoil, generally, is made up of ground up s