Green Tips For Your New Home Construction

Written by Master Builder on . Posted in Concrete wall forms, Icf blocks, Insulated concrete form construction

Planning on building a new home in the near future and unsure where exactly to start? If you’re looking at home construction and trying to decide what would be most energy efficient for you and your family then here are a couple of tips to help you construct that home that you’ve been dreaming of for years but also that home that is going to last for you and your family for the years to come.

Breathable Walls

Installing breathable walls could improve your home. Unlike your typical standard home these walls do not have the same seal that locks the vapors and air out of your home. Instead, with breathable walls your home is encouraged to breathe and accept the climates outside rather than sealing everything off. Breathable walls could keep that mold from generating and making it difficult for you to breathe.

Insulated Concrete

Installing insulated c