The True Dangers of Radon Gas

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We all know that radon can have drastic effects on us and our loved ones, but what is radon? Is it something that floats through the air, waiting to attack? Is it something that is silent but deadly? Really, what is radon? Because approximately 1 in 15 homes are estimated to have radon in their homes above the EPA action level, it is extremely important to know what radon actually is and how it can cause harm in your household.
Radon is more than a colorless, odorless radioactive gas. It is actually one of the leading causes of lung cancer and has become a matter of national attention as it has taken lives over the years. Because radon is constantly being studied and treated so seriously, scientists have found through their research that lung cancer deaths could be reduced by about 5,000 deaths i

Three Reasons Why Having Professionals Handle Plumping and Testing is the Best Choice for Any Homeowner

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Sump pump installation denver

Many homeowners think that when it comes to matters such as having their sump pump put in, they will save more money if they do it themselves. However, having a local sump pump installation service offers many more benefits than previously meets the eye. These professionals can not only ensure that work is done correctly the first time, but also provide other services that homeowners might not think about, such as radon gas testing. Below are three reasons why homeowners should use a professional to ensure their home is taken care of with all their plumping and radon testing needs.
Radon Testing Can Be Tricky, But Professionals Know What to Look For
For every 15 homes within the United States, at least one have radon levels that are near or above the desired EPA a