Are You in the Process of Updating the Flooring in Your Entire Home?

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You are going to be empty nesters next year. And while your 18 and 21 year old daughters cannot begin to imagine what you will do when neither of them are at home, you know that you will have plenty to keep you busy. Able to take long weekend trips without having to worry about getting back in time for your older daughter’s college gymnastics meets or your younger daughter’s high school show choir performances, you are ready to take things at a slower pace. You have plans to take in a couple of different music and arts festivals in the area that have never worked into your schedule in the past, and you are more than anxious to make sure that you finally start tackling the home improvement list that you have been creating.
Top on the list is the installation of bamboo flooring throughout the first level of the house. You have wanted to make this change for years, but in the past you simply could not imagine the chaos of trying to have three or four of you in the home while the work

Why Strand Woven Eucalyptus Is The Perfect Flooring For Your Home

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Every homeowner seems to have a preference when it comes to floor. Some folks love the feel and the look of hardwood flooring. Others are partial to laminate flooring, vinyl flooring or some other material. Ultimately, a person’s preference for flooring comes down to two things: durability and look/feel.
If you’re looking for durable flooring and looks and feels great, look no further than bamboo flooring. If your local home improvement or furniture store is having a bamboo flooring sale, here’s why you need to take a second look at bamboo flooring:

  • Bamboo flooring has a very high Janka rating, the test used to determine the hardness of flooring types and its resistance to wear and denting. In fact, only three types of wood flooring have a harder Janka rating than bamboo: Brazilian Teak, Tiete Chestnut, and Brazilian Walnut. If you’re wondering how the Janka test is done, it’s this way: the test measures the force required to embed an 11.28 millimeter (0.4

Making Floorboards from Bamboo or Eucalyptus

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Flooring is an essential industry and always has been. After all, any building needs a surface where people can stand and walk and where furniture may be placed. Today’s American flooring industry is a robust one and may even see some further growth in the near future. If floors are not made from sheer concrete such as in basement, then they are made from wooden planks. Most typically, American houses and some public buildings make use of hardwood planks from native hardwoods such as oak and cherry. However, these hardwoods are not very sustainable, and many Americans are concerned about the great pressure this industry puts on hardwood forests on the North American continent. Hardwood trees take some 20 years to mature and the entire tree is lost when logged. As an alternative, flooring made from eucalyptus is being introduced to the market, along with bamboo flooring manufacturers. Why might natural bamboo flooring or flooring made from eucalyptus be used today? Such flooring made fr

The Many Benefits Of Bamboo Flooring For Homes All Throughout The United States

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If you’re looking to redo your floors in the near future, such as a part of a kitchen renovations project or even apart from one, consider locking bamboo floors. Bamboo flooring has risen considerably in overall popularity in the last few years, particularly here in the United States. There are many reasons that this is the case – and many reasons that strand bamboo flooring is replacing the use of hardwood flooring in many homes all throughout the country.
For instance, bamboo flooring is not only easy to install, but easy to care for as well. After all, bamboo flooring often snaps into place to ensure a snug fit, Snap in place bamboo flooring can even actually ensure a snug fit over the existing floors in the home, something that can reduce the costs of replacing the floor. The quality of being able to ensure a snug fit is something that many people are drawn to when looking at bamboo flooring, as the ability of most types of bamboo flooring to ensure a snug fit will mean that t