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Are You Starting a New Building Project at Your Home?

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Deck project 2018 is complete!
Your family has always used your backyard deck a lot, but it was a pitiful 10 foot by 10 foot and showing its 13 year age. In addition, it was no longer up to code. The decision to replace the old deck with a beautiful 12 foot by 22 foot deck, adding a pergola to provide some needed shade on the south facing side of the house. Instead of wood, the new deck is made of energy efficient green building materials that require literally no maintenance. As soon as it was completed you began to enjoy more meals and wine nights on the new deck. The finished product is beautiful and its completion was a combination of your husband’s hard work and a deck professional’s guidance.
Energy Efficient Green Building Materials Continue to Grow in Popularity
More and more consumers are demanding home construction materials that are both energy efficient and respons

Winter Takes A Toll On Your Home’s Comfort How To Eliminate Heat Loss With A New Pair Of Drapes

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With the weather getting colder and your home starting to creak with age, it’s high time you started thinking about some new house additions. Your windows are a good place to start!

Not just replacing your windows, but adding better curtains and blinds to control how light enters your home. Lighting is a complex subject for many homeowners, able to bring out the best in furniture as well as the worst in furniture depending on how you go about it. This goes for that new chandelier you’re thinking of adding in the kitchen and it goes for the motorized blinds you affix over your living room windows. When good natural light can affect everything from your mood to the quality of your sofa and rug, this is one area you’ll want to brush up on now so you can reap the benefits over the winter.

What kind of treatments will suit your home best and why? Find out with the list below.

It’s Time To Toss Out Your Old Shutters And Drapes

You might n

Get Inspired Before Your Next Kitchen Remodel

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Remodeling magazines
Did you know that a new kitchen can increase the value of your home by up to 15%? Why might that be? Well, people love their kitchens, even if they do not love to cook. The kitchen is a hub of activity in almost any home. Furthermore, a well designed kitchen can make all the difference in how much you enjoy a house. Just ask anyone who has had to live in a house or an apartment with a terrible kitchen. Whether you are redesigning your kitchen with a future home sale in mind, or just for your own personal enjoyment, here are some of the best kitchen design ideas.
  1. Bring a little of the unfamiliar in.
  2. If you live in the city, maybe looking at country kitchen design ideas will get you inspired. You can make your kitchen more of a peaceful refuge than a reminder of the busy city outside your do

How to Make Your Kitchen the Best Part of Your Remodel

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Every homeowner has a room that acts as the centerpiece of their house. It may be your entertainment room with gorgeous leather couches and the best flat screen television the market has to offer, or your garage full of huge toolboxes with their contents immaculately organized. Or, if you are a fan of hosting parties, baking up a frenzy in the holidays, or just having a top of the line room to serve as the hub of activity in your house, you may choose to focus your home remodeling renovations on your kitchen.
As far as home remodeling renovations go, kitchen remodels can be quick, DIY projects that are finished in a Saturday afternoon, or deeply involved commitments that require construction and general contractors. No matter how dedicated you are to your kitchen upgrade (or how deep your pockets are), here are three quick kitchen refreshers that have a high aesthetic and functional yield with relatively low efforts and costs.

  • Make a statement with your cabinets
  • Why You Need Professionals to Help With Window Installation

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    If you think your home is due for replacement windows, you’re likely wondering if you can do the window installation yourself. This might seem like a good idea in theory, but it can create more work for you in the long run if you’re not careful. Learn more about why you need the assistance of a professional home renovation company.
    Your Windows Will Last Longer
    When your windows get installed properly, they’ll last up to 20 years, perhaps more, depending on what they’re made of. To avoid having them installed incorrectly and possibly changing the lifespan of your windows, get a professional to put them in for you. You’ll avoid mistakes and know that your windows can last longer than if you put them in and had to fix a mistake. Having to do a job only once saves time and headache for all involved, especially the homeowner.
    You Can Save Money Getting a Professional Installation
    Although you might think it’s cheaper to put them in yo

    Ideas on How to Choose the Perfect Coffee Table

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    A small glass top coffee table is a popular and easily customize-able accessory and piece of furniture for today’s living rooms. These tables, such as a small glass table, or related glass-based furniture such as floating glass shelves or tempered glass shelves, can be bought or built in a dazzling variety of styles and materials to suit any living room’s decor and match the taste of any consumer and homeowner. There are a lot of options to choose from for a small glass top coffee table, but with a little know-how and research, any homeowner can find the perfect small glass top coffee table, bookshelf, or display case with attractive glass and support frames to make a living room pop.

    The Glass

    Glass is common nowadays, usually found in house windows and car windows, but even if it is taken for granted nowadays, this material can be festive and strong without being too expensive. For one thing, glass is very environmentally friendly, being 100% recyclable, so it can be u

    Fight Off Unwanted Rodents in the Home

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    Rats, mice, and squirrels have long since been pest species for human society around the world for millennia. They do more than bite and scratch; these destructive animals are voracious eaters and reproduce rapidly, and this can wreak havoc on a local human settlement or farm. In medieval and ancient times, cats and dogs were used to hunt down and eat intruding rodents like these, but even today, these rodents are a serious problem anywhere. The world’s food supply is a constant target; it is believed that up to 20% of the entire world’s food supply is contaminated by rats and mice, and without the work of the pest control industry, rodents and insects of varying species could consume or ruin up to half of the world’s food supply. This all causes untold damage and expenses once the harm is done, so prevention is a necessary step to keep unwanted rodents and other pests out of food supplies and buildings alike.

    Rat Control

    Rats, and their smaller cousins mice, are classic

    It May Be Time To Remodel How Do You Feel About a New Kitchen?

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    Inexpensive home improvement ideas
    Whether you are searching for country kitchen design ideas, cottage kitchen design ideas, or even contemporary kitchen design ideas, the best kitchen design ideas are not what everyone else likes, but what you think would work best. The next time you spend several hours perusing bookmark boards, do not worry about what the most people have shared, but what you think would look the best. Better yet, rather than seeing hundreds of examples of contemporary kitchen design ideas that you will never do, just look for a list of trends to get some inspiration, and then expand. 1. Shape The U shaped kitchen is the most popular design of 2013. It allows for the most room, keeping it open and workable for two people. The L shape is next most popular. This can provide a significant amount of counter

    The Importance Of Home Repair in Maintenance In The United States

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    Owning a home can be a great thing. After all, you can do anything that you want with it. You can paint the walls any color, design your lawn and garden in any way that you might choose, and conduct any renovations that you like to improve the overall appearance and quality of your home. However, it is incredibly important that you keep up with the necessary maintenance and repairs that your home will require, from taking care of a roof in need of repair to high-quality windows repair if at all necessary. Before you purchase a home, it’s important to go into it with the understanding that maintenance will be necessary and should not (and in some cases cannot) be avoided. Budgeting for this is crucial, as the average home owner can anticipate spending as much as four percent of the value of the home on an annual basis on various home repairs and servicing, from high-quality windows repair to shingle replacement. For the typical home, this is likely to amount to two thousand dollars or m

    An Accurate Estimate Before Your Bathroom Is Remodeled

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    The NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) recommends that people spend at least six months planning a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project. People that are looking to remodel their bathroom should always make sure that they work with a company that regularly provides bathroom remodeling estimates to their clients. Easy to follow bathroom remodeling estimates could be the best thing for anyone that wants to make sure they know exactly what they are in for before they commit. The same company that can provide their client with ironclad bathroom remodeling estimates could also help them with a number of other remodeling projects, including kitchens! In order to get the best possible ROI, people should make sure that the cost of remodeling their kitchen is no more than 20% of the entire value of their home. Those wanted to remodel their kitchen should consider designating one part of their house a dust free zone, so that it can be made into a temporary kitchen. They can equip it with a refrigerator, coffee maker, toaster over and microwave. This could help to dramatically reduce the stress one would normally feel over not having their kitchen. Even with diligent planning, it is hard to know how long remodeling will take. People should make sure to allow additional time for unforeseen setbacks. Some people may want to take a look at the possibility of opening up their kitchen. This can give a terrific room effect and the spacious feeling of an extended kitchen. No matter what kind of remodeling work that a family or couple may be thinking about having done on their home, they should always make sure to get an estimate. An experienced st. louis bathroom remodeling company or one located near you should always be willing to give bathroom remodeling estimates to their clients.