4 Plumbing Repair Jobs You Shouldn’t Attempt Yourself

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Clogged drains
Plumbing repair is something that nobody wants to deal with, but they are a common problem. Indoor plumbing dates back to 2500 B.C. Since then you can imagine the amounts of issues many have experienced with plumbing issues. Roughly one out of 10 homes has leaks and these leaks waste about 90 gallons of water per day, but fixing these leaks could save homeowners around 10% total on their monthly water bills. Fixing small leaks within the home is not a big issues, however there are some issues that plumbing repair specialists should handle. Read below to see which popular jobs are best left to the professionals.
Water Heater
Plumbers should install water heaters. Residents shouldn’t attempt this by themselves, they should leave it to a plumbing company. Water heaters heat gas in different ways, and the heater needs to be installed properly in order for them to work properly. Improper installation can lead to leaks which will cause mold. The surface the water heater sits on could become damaged from the leaks, which could lead to an even bigger mess than you started with. For best results let the plumbers install that water heater.
Clogged Drains
A clogged drain may seem like a quick fix, but that is not always the case. Sometimes there is a bigger issues that you could possibly find when trying to do your own plumbing repair. There are a number of reasons that you could experience a clog or a blocked drain. If the issues if on your property then it could be a quick fix, but if the issue is due to roots or other issues, that could be the city’s responsibility and not yours. Any attempt to fix that could lead to unexpected repair bills because of the way the issues was handled to begin with. Always be on the safe side and call a plumbing company for larger issues with clogged drains.
Plumbing Lines
You should never ever try to alter or adjust plumbing lines yourself. This could very well be a disaster just waiting to happen. This can lead to a massive problem with broken pipes, leaks and quite possibly floods. Lets also not forget the fact that if something does go wrong, you will have to have it fixed by a professional before the house can be put on the market to be sold. Hiring a plumbing company to do this job right from the get go is your best option.
A dishwasher is another project that seems simple enough for one to attempt to accomplish on their own only to discover they should have hired professionals. Installing a dishwasher may seem like a simple job that doesn’t require much work, but that may not be the case. Aside from having to maneuver your way around cabinets and corners, you will have to connect wires and hoses in this small hole. This raises he chances of a kinked line after installation. A kink in the line can result in water all over the kitchen floor, all over the cabinets, or even worse a hidden water leak. These leaks are the worse because you don’t know about them until lots of irreversible damage has already been done. Allowing a professional plumber to install your dishwasher will save time and possibly money.
Knowing when to attempt DIY and knowing when to call in the professionals could the be difference between getting a problem fixed, and having a total complete nervous breakdown. Many people think plumbing repair is not a big issues and is something that can be handled on their own, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Plumbers have undergone extensive training to allow them to properly perform the work needed for household repairs. They have been doing these repairs for a long time, meaning they have the experience and the know how to complete the project right. Next time you consider attempting a plumbing repair project yourself to save money, consider how much time and materials it will take, how much knowledge you have and just what it will cost to fix any mess up that happens.

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