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The Many Benefits of Choosing Induction Ballast for Your Business

Written by Master Builder on . Posted in 480 vac led, Led explosion proof, Wall pack led light fixtures

Induction ballasts are a type of lighting that utilizing a specific lighting technology Induction lighting technology is special in that it uses a magnetic force to produce light. The majority of induction lights are a form of tube lighting, much like fluorescent tubes. However, some do look more like traditional light bulbs.
Induction lights are enclosed with inductors surrounding the outside, which generates the magnetic field used to create the light. The magnetic field transfers power into the light filling it with gas. The power then activates the gas, which creates a UV radiation that converts into visible light due to the phosphor coating on the bulb.
Induction ballasts are beneficial and often chosen by large building companies, government offices, and school districts because they last significantly longer than other types of light bulbs. Without the small parts that can go bad quickly causing the bulb to burnout, induction ballasts can last up to 10,000 hours.