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Untreated Carpets Carry Allergens, Dirt, and Common Viruses

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Carpet cleaning
Did you know that the phrase “to sweep under the carpet” dates back as far as 1963? The term, typically meaning to ignore or discard problems, is used in many everyday conversations. Unfortunately, when it comes to carpet cleaning and dryer vent cleaning, many people choose to put them off, and sweep these things, as they say, right under the carpet. Why? Many people do not realize the importance of regularly cleaning carpets. What do people need to know about carpet cleaning as well as duct and vent cleaning? Start Off on the Right Footing Many Americans do not realize that new carpets are just as capable of trapping dust, particles, and germs. According to 2003 study, norovirus, or the stomach flu, can fester in uncleaned carpets for up to a month. You never know just how long carpets hav

Are You Looking to Update the Look and Feel of Your Home?

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Wall curio cabinets
According to Bloomberg, home remodeling is making a comeback as the economy continues to improve. After all, with a better economic outlook people are feeling as though they can afford to live again. However, even with the improvement of world finances, Americans are looking for a way to save on their home remodeling and renovation. Consider, U.S. citizens spent approximately $113.6 billion, according to CEPro, on home improvements, upgrades, and complete renovations in 2012. If you are looking for cost effective ways to upgrade your living room, kitchen, and bedroom, follow these four simple tips.
  • Home is Where the Food Is
  • %3Cbr%3E According to a recent article by the New York Times, 78% of American households cook at home five or more nights of the w