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Air Conditioning Specialists in Portsmouth VA

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Air Conditioning Specialists

2618 Airline Blvd.

Portsmouth, VA 23701


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Headquartered in Portsmouth, Virginia, Air Conditioning Specialists was established in 1997, and is a fully licensed, insured and experienced heating and cooling company. We strive to provide our customers with the quickest, most efficient HVAC service and installation. Our workmanship, along with the highest quality of home and business products available, ensures the dependable performance of your HVAC system and your family’s comfort year after year. Our staff welcomes the opportunity to serve you, and looks forward to building a long-term relationship. Our success is dependent upon 100% customer satisfaction and the referrals we receive from our many satisfied customers.

Seeking Out Great Industrial Shelving For Business Requirements

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Mezzanine shelving
Shelving can be a very important aspect of a company’s space if they are looking to keep some of their most valuable items in a safe way. There are many businesses that need to have cantilever racks, pallet racking and shelving, or mezzanine shelving so that they can have their property safely in a warehouse or other industrial zone. For excellent industrial shelves and mezzanines, be sure that you seek out a very reliable place to get your industrial shelving so that you will have the ability to get a competitive price on the shelving that you need without having to compromise the quality of the shelves that you select. When it comes to industrial shelving you need to consider several things. One of the first concerns that you have to iron out is the size of the industrial shelving that you need. One of the most common measurements that consumers need to consider so that they can buy great shelves is the depth of the shelving that they want to buy. You have to find industrial shelving that is big enough to support all of the different items that you will be keeping on the shelf, so make sure that you find shelves that go out far enough to hold your belongings. Another important element of industrial shelving is the overall footprint of the shelf itself. You should think about the space that you have for your industrial shelving so that you can determine whether or not there is enough room for you to place the amount of units that you want to have. In order to get this information, many companies will make use of a space planner. There are several programs that can be used by certified space planners that can tell you exactly how many industrial shelving units you will be able to fit in a particular area of your building. Shelves can be an important area of your company office or distribution center, even though you may not think often about them. You will need to select shelving that works properly for the types of items that you need to store and can be provided to you at a fair price point so that you can conserve your company budget and make sure that you get the most out of the purchases that you make, to help you maximize all of the financial resources that you have access to. Learn more about this topic here.

Party Rain or Shine With Outdoor Patio Awnings

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Patio shades
There is nothing quite like a beautiful patio. With the sun shining down on a warm Summer day, and a brisk breeze rolling over the hills, awnings Phoenix companies offer make for the perfect outdoor hangout spot. Awnings for patio setups provide the perfect amount of shade from the sun, and protection from the elements, but they also offer convenience and versatility. With roll up patio shades, or as I call them, convertible awnings Phoenix companies offer, you are in control. If you wish to tan on your patio, or just soak up the sun with a refreshing beverage, you can simply push a button on your remote control, and the patio blinds retract and fold back, granting you full access to the sun. Awnings Phoenix companies offer make for the perfect outdoor get together. You will be able to host great Summer birthday parties, family reunions, just because parties, even wedding receptions. And your event will be able to be rain or shine. There is nothing that can stand in the way of you and your get together with awnings Phoenix companies offer. Discover what your back patio could become with a beautiful awning installed. You can choose the pattern and color to match your home and tastes, and it can provide a wonderful ambiance. Have great conversations under your awning, make an announcement to friends, or just watch a thunder storm with a loved one. Awnings Phoenix companies also can install them for you, or you can outsource the installation. But the deal you will get if you have your awnings Phoenix company do the installation is unbeatable. Turn your back patio into a Summer hot spot (or, cool spot, being in the shade) by getting a nice awning installed this month! Check out this site for more.

Fast and Affordable Plumbing Services

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Trenchless repair portland
If you find yourself with a clogged drain pipe or are looking for clogged toilet solutions, plumbing Vancouver may the the best answer for you. Companies who offer plumbing in Vancouver WA are highly skilled and experienced in the latest cutting edge plumbing methods. As such, there is not plumbing job that is too large for local plumbing Vancouver WA. When you really think about it, plumbers do not get enough credit for what they do. They are highly trained to repair complex plumbing systems, which involve thousands of feet of pipes, valves, drain fittings, valve assemblies, and a multitude of other devices. Additionally, they must know how to operate powerful pumps and plumbing repair equipment without damaging plumbing systems and causing even greater damage. Obviously, this takes great skill and plumbing vancouver wa has been proving their skills for years, through job after job of top notch reliable service. Although there are many local plumbers from which homeowner can choose, in order to find the best plumbers they need look no further than plumbing vancouver wa. Whether homeowners need to ask a plumber a question, have experienced a clogged sewer lines, or just a clogged sink drain, plumbing vancouver wa can get the job done. This means that homeowners can rest assured that their water will run strong and drain smoothly.

If You Are Remodeling Your Bathroom, Consider Buying Michigan Custom Shower Doors

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Michigan frameless glass shower doors
If you are in the process of remodeling your bathroom or are seriously considering doing so, you might want to consider having Michigan custom shower doors installed. Michigan sliding shower doors are sturdy, reliable, and stylish. They are truly the finest Michigan shower doors you could possibly buy for your new bathroom. Michigan custom shower doors and Michigan frameless glass shower doors are attractive and easy to clean. A Michigan shower glass door will last you a very long time, and you will not have to worry about the shower door breaking or wearing out because it can be purchased under warranty. If you want really nice glass shower doors, I would strongly suggest you look into purchasing some Michigan custom shower doors. Custom is the key word here. You can have these doors made any way you want. If privacy is important to you, the glass can be obscured so no one can see inside while you are bathing. These doors are a great bargain and will stand up well over time.

Add Appeal to You Home with Plantation Shutters

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Plantation shutter
Window shutters have been around for a long time. Originally, shutters were designed as protection against storms and strong winds. In the event of a hurricane, tornado, or severe thunderstorms, residents would close and latch their shutters to keep their windows from shattering and to protect themselves. Of course, exterior shutters and plantation shudders would have been useless for those homes destroyed by the recent Oklahoma tornadoes. While shutters offer some protection from milder storms, many homeowners who add shudders to their windows do it for aesthetic reasons, or for shade and privacy. Sturdier exterior and interior shutters can even provide homeowners with an extra sense of security. Whether or not homeowners install shutters for protection, the addition of plantation shutters can add significant aesthetic appeal to a room. For homeowners who are looking for an affordable and simple way to beautify their homes, plantation shutters can be purchased, or custom made, for windows of every size and shape. Depending upon the preferences of homeowners, shutters can be made to open and close vertically or horizontally. Although plantation shutters may not be for every homeowner, many of them change their minds once they see the many variations of plantation shutters that are available. In that sense, plantation shutters are akin to certain types of house lighting, such that many people are simply unaware of the aesthetic appeal and ambiance they can add to a home or room.

Surviving Your Water Damaged Home

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Water damage clearwater
When you suffer water damage Brandon, you have several different concerns with the clean up and restoration. The water damage to homes can happen as a result of various situations and can also be a sign of greater issues. First you will need to determine if your water damage Brandon is from plumbing issues. Did you experience water damage in home pipes as a result of freezing or burst pipes. This could mean that pipes broke anywhere in the system and leaked directly into the home. If the source of water is from plumbing you should shut off the water main immediately. You will have to evaluate your water damage clean up cost from the affected rooms. One of the likely causes of water damage brandon is related to fire damaged property. When putting out a fire, all of the water seeps into the home and possessions as a result of the emergency response. With this especially, you will want to look into how to claim water damage with home insurance. Your insurance will determine if there is replacement coverage for your home and possessions. When facing water damage brandon, determine what structural and plumbing issues, if any, need to be addressed first. Then proceed to restore the aesthetic part of your home or furnishings and finally look at replacing the most important items that could not be salvaged from your water damage brandon.